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Cowell Jade Motel is situated on Franklin Harbour at the entrance to Cowell from Whyalla.

The motel offers accommodation in the form of 21 en-suite rooms - all with free WiFi.

All rooms have free parking at the door to your suite, with room for coaches, large trucks, and trailers.

The Cowell Jade and Gemstone showroom, located in the spacious reception area of the motel a range of the finest locally manufactured & sourced Jade jewelry and carvings on display which are available for purchase.

Cowell is a close-knit community, 100 Kilometers south of Whyalla and 150 Kilometers north of Port Lincoln. The natural harbor is the perfect sanctuary for many different species of birds and sea life. Local oyster farmers and fishermen take advantage of the tranquil waters and enjoy the plentiful seafood on offer.

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Cowell Jade and Gemstone

Cowell Jade Motel is a great choice for travellers visiting Eyre Peninsula as it is just an hour and a half drive from Cowell. Cowell has 90% of the world’s jade deposits and Cowel Jade and Gemstone is one of the best showrooms displaying a wide collections of jade and gemstones. Franklin Harbour Historical Museum is anoter place to visit for its incredible collection of local artefacts.